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Magnetic Whiteboards what are the differences

Magnetic Whiteboards for the school, boardroom, home or office – the question is, which one?

A lot of people ask us what’s the difference between a Porcelain Whiteboard,  Acrylic Whiteboard and a Glass Whiteboard, whilst all these boards are magnetic and allow you to use dry ease markers, the traditional Whiteboard marker. They all do perform a slightly different function where durability, performance and style are concerned.

These products have a lot in common, but there are fundamental differences;

The two simple differences to start with is that the Porcelain and Acrylic Whiteboards are made on a steel backing vs the Glass Whiteboards which are made using toughened glass with a steel backing applied to the painted glass surface, thereby making it magnetic. This means that the Glass Whiteboard requires stronger magnets than the Porcelain or Acrylic whiteboards.

As writing surfaces go they all perform equally well, however the real difference here is how well the surface cleans off. Porcelain cleans better as it is a harder and less porous surface than Acrylic, which if left with writing on the board for a long period of time may result in ghosting, sometimes allowing the written words to still be visible after being wiped off. Not ideal in a Boardroom or public meeting room environment. Porcelain Whiteboards will also clean better with a damp cloth or a good quality whiteboard cleaning liquid. Glass cleans the best with general glass cleaner or just a damp cloth.
Strength and durability of the surface is another factor to consider. Glass will work well in a high use environment. Porcelain vs Acrylic Whiteboards – Porcelain provides a real difference in high use areas such as schools, meeting rooms and even offices where they are in constant write on rub off mode. Porcelain by nature is a tougher surface than Acrylic. Porcelain like Glass is also physically easier to clean.

If you want a cheap whiteboard, then your best choice will be Acrylic Whiteboards, these whiteboards will still provide you with longevity, providing you clean it regularly. Be careful about buying cheap and the cheapest, there are surfaces that are not on steel and are applied to other surfaces such as plastic and even cardboard, these have a very limited life. Porcelain on Steel vs Glass boards are a cheaper option providing you with an excellent quality board with a 10-year surface guarantee.

If design and style is where you are at, then a Glass Whiteboard or a Magnetic Glass Board with your choice of colour wins, with their stainless-steel fittings and glass pen rail, they can enhance your interior design adding a touch of class.

Overall; Porcelain whiteboards are ideal for schools, community facilities, training environments, boardrooms; Acrylic Whiteboards are perfect for the office, small meeting room and home; Glass whiteboards work well in boardrooms, corporate office, home and anywhere where it’s not only about what it does but how it looks.