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Sandwich Board

Use Sandwich Boards to Capture the Attention of your Store Front foot traffic

So you have a lot of foot traffic, or you might be tucked away in a hidden gem of a space.  Sandwich Boards help attract the attention of the passing feet to; stop, come inside or browse your menu board, look at your daily specials or test out the new flavour of ice cream!

The solution to attract that attention is not new, they still work after all those years and they can be easily updated and change as the mood of your business, event, weather or focus changes.

That is the magical Sandwich Board Sign!

It’s so simple and cost effective, you don’t need to pay for printing solutions or a graphic designer.  You can have fun with them and your prospective customers, telling them a story or a quote of the day.  Your team may even have a hidden talent in amongst them to add a touch of artistry with the chalk creating a great Sandwich Boards.

So why not give it a go and test the outcome of a little street attention seeker, you’ll be surprised what a relatively cheap option of advertising can perform for you and your business or event.

There’s several different Sandwich Board types available from; Indoor single and double-sided versions, outdoor and more weather resilient double-sided.  Even double-sided with reverse faces, that allow you to chalk up information for different times of the day or night.  Or you can use Whiteboard options as opposed to Blackboard.

Look for something that is going to have longevity, be made of good quality wood and or steel, considering your situation to weather conditions, mainly wind.  Ask the NZ manufacturer for advice.

Double sided Sandwich board