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Mobile Whiteboards for Glass cages or Large open spaces

Do you want to have a whiteboard in your classroom, workroom or office but you have no wall space available?  Mobile Whiteboards  are your answer.

A mobile whiteboard work station is ideal; with castors and loads of storage this unit can provide the option for small groups to work collectively around the double-sided workstation.  Which also doubles as a resource storage unit for all things required for group activities, 2-3 drawers (depending on size) and storage shelves make this a perfect option where wall space is limited.

Great for teachers working in all areas of early and primary education.  But equally as good where team brain storming, and split group activities are required providing the smaller group with the vital resources to collate ideas and thoughts.

Whiteboard Teaching stations come with double-sided 600 x 900 or the larger 900 x 1200 whiteboards.  On lockable mobile castors to enable easy positioning and movement.

Additional options of mobile whiteboards are the taller and larger fixed or flipable mobile whiteboards in single or double sided, these can accommodate from the 900 x 1200 whiteboard up to the large 1200 x 3600 whiteboard.  A resource that can be shared in amongst the team!

Teaching StationLarge Whiteboard WorkstationMobile Flipable Whiteboard