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Whiteboard and Display Board on legs – Eye catching for all venues

Ever wanted to position a whiteboard or noticeboard in the middle of a room or out the front or your venue?

Well now you can!  Here’s the perfect answer to providing instructions, directions or displaying any media or marketing information with out it being stuck on a window, door or on that far away wall.

3D Products manufactures our NZ Made boards with steel legs, providing a stable board positioned upto 600mm from the floor, so you can have your board at the right level for your audience.  These can be made either single-sided or double-sided with magnetic whiteboard or fabric noticeboard or a combination of both, with upto 19 different fabric colours to choose from.

Great for entry ways, reception areas, inside halls or conference venues, use in retail environments, classrooms, clubs or churches.

Noticeboard on legs 900 x 1200Whiteboard on legs 900 x 1200

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