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Blackboards Bars & Cafes display your menu where it can be seen

Blackboards once heavily used in the classroom, are now showing a prominent place in Bars, Cafes and Restaurants.

Possibly due to the ability to present and change menu’s and specials regularly to meet availability and seasonal changes.  But also due to  Chalkboards being a soft black which helps provide a warm and inviting feel to your space.

Chalk is water soluble, which makes it easier to clean up. You just have to wash your hands. True, you have to do this every time, but you’re in the business where you are consistently doing this anyway.

Chalk can also be more easily read from a distance, especially if you use big chalk. I’m not entirely sure why this is, but I think chalk forces you to write bigger, which makes it easier to read.

Blackboards can be wall mounted with concealed brackets, providing clean lines for your display, almost looking like a picture on your wall.  Blackboards supplied with hanging hooks will allow the board to be hung from a ceiling space,  providing not only a great backdrop but also a division for customer facing and kitchen work zones.  Blackboards are typically framed in natural pine or aluminum, but for an added cost native timbers or recycled frames are also a great option and talking point.

What size is the right size for you?  Any Chalkboard up to 2.4 metres x 1200 can be easily accommodated, but there’s always a way to make something bigger, if that’s what you need.  Mount or hang your blackboard either horizontally to create that division between spaces, or vertically to hide that storage area, yeah we all have those!

Let your blackboard be a statement of who you are and what your Bar, Café or Restaurant aspires to be, there’s an amazing array of chalk available from the traditional style to the bright liquid chalk pens to aid in your design.

So time to get creative!  Get your Blackboard mounted or hung now and let your customers easily understand your offering, decreasing transactional time and increasing customer satisfaction.

While you are at it consider Blackboard Table Talkers to use for one off specials advertisers, to-days drink specials, or simply as a table numbering aid.

Blackboard Pine FramedTable Talker     Table Talker A6 size